Jenkins builder run

Runs the Jenkins builder on a local repo, for keeping it in sync.

alias sync="docker pull ${\:latest} && \
docker run --rm \
  -v $(pwd):/tmp \
  -e LOCAL=true \
  -e PUID=$(id -u) -e PGID=$(id -g) \
  ${\:latest} && \
rm -rf .jenkins-external"
Quick, desposable test-container
  • Tty in interactive mode. -it
  • Predictable name. --name=test
  • Disposable. --rm
  • Preventes most common orphaned volumes. --tmpfs /config:rw
  • LSIO ready. -e TZ=${TZ} -e PUID=${PUID} -e PGID=${PGID}
alias tester="docker run --rm -it \
  --name=test --tmpfs /config:rw \
  -e TZ=${TZ} -e PUID=${PUID} -e PGID=${PGID}"
Shell access to mentioned test-container
alias texec="docker exec -it test /bin/bash"

Alias for Dive.

alias dive="docker run --rm -it --name=dive -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock wagoodman/dive:latest"